Montreal’s STM Metro Is Going To Run All Night Long Next Week

For awhile now, Montrealers have been desperately wishing for 24 hour Metro service. But sadly it turns out that's actually impossible with the system we currently have.

The only networks that can do this, have parallel lines, so they can close one while people travel on the other.

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So that dream might be dead, but it doesn't mean the metro will never stay open all night

Next Weekend, to celebrate Nuit Blanche the Montreal's Metro will stay open all night long!

That means no matter how much you drink, and no matter how late you decide to party on Saturday night, the STM will be running until Sunday morning to make sure your drunk ass gets home safely.

But that's not all, there will also be special FREE shuttles to make sure you can hit up as many activities as possible and after midnight the buses will also be running all night long 

Check out the STM Website for more information