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Montreal's STM Metro Map Of The Year 2035

The future looks promising.
Montreal's STM Metro Map Of The Year 2035

Montreal is the city of forgotten promises.

Every week, we hear about a different grandiose construction plan, a new bridge, a new pedestrian street, new gigantic malls, outdoor railways and of course new metro stations.

We've been promised so many new metro stations that never actually got built, it would make your head spin.

At least some projects are actually getting done:

Justin Trudeau Is Giving Montreal 5 All-New Metro Stations

Someone out there decided to make a map of what the metro would look like if all these hypothetical stations actually existed. It's what the Montreal metro map should look like by 2035 if everything goes "according to plan".

But as we know, things in Montreal don't usually go according to plan, so we won't hold our breaths. Plus holding your breath for 19 years is really hard.

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