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Montreal's STM Metro Map Of The Year 2050

The future looks promising
Montreal's STM Metro Map Of The Year 2050

Montreal is the city of forgotten promises.

We've been promised so many new metro stations that never actually got built, it would make your head spin. Of course the latest promise is the Pink Line, and I'm pretty sure that if you had to place a bet on whether it will actually get built, you'd bet against it.

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But it's not just the pink line.

Remember the purple line?

Then of course there's the white line.

And we were also promised extensions for every line by 2020.

We're not the only one who are getting tired of this, which is why someone out there decided to make a map of what the metro would look like if all these hypothetical stations actually existed. It's what the Montreal metro map should look like by 2050 if everything goes "according to plan".

You know what? Now that we think about it, 2050 is far too optimistic. Maybe 2100.

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