Montreal's STM Promises Metro Trains Every 5 Minutes By Spring 2019

Finally some good news.
Montreal's STM Promises Metro Trains Every 5 Minutes By Spring 2019

The STM has officially annouced some exciting news for Montreal commuters. In the next year, we can all expect wait times for buses and metro to become significantly shorter.

TL;DR Montreal's STM announced today that it will reduce commuter wait times for bus and metro service. Backed by a 1.46 billion dollar budget, the STM will accomplish this goal by adding 17 new Azur cars to the underground system and 125 hybrid buses to the streets.

How is the STM going to acheieve this? They have a few strategies up their sleeve.

First, and most importantly, a hefty budget of 1.46 billion dollars, which will go toward funding several projects that ultimately aim to improve bus and metro service.

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In terms of the metro, the STM is focusing on the Orange and Green lines. They would like to reduce waiting times to 5-minutes on most weekdays and even less during rush hours.

They plan on achieving this by introducing 17 new AZUR trains into service on the Green line starting in 2020.

When it comes to buses, they are aiming for 83,000 more hours of bus service. They are planning on hitting these numbers by adding 125 brand new hybrid buses to the streets of Montreal.

In terms of long-term projects, the STM is also planning on extending the blue line. That extension won't be finished until at least 2026, however.

More STM news to come!


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