Montreal's STM Should Get Buses Powered By Your Shit

Yes, this is actually a real thing.
Montreal's STM Should Get Buses Powered By Your Shit

Photo cred - Press Association

Sorry to be blunt, but having to take a dump while riding the bus is not a cute situation. While your bowels get bustling, you're stuck on a jostling caravan filled with judgmental strangers who will hate you if you let out a peep of relieving gas, with no washroom in sight. All that would change if a Bio-Bus fueled by human waste were rolling on Montreal's streets.

While you can't actually bust out a deuce within the bus, the new public transport tech is pretty innovative. The Bio-Bus is a shuttle service with 40 seats that now runs between the UK town of Bath and Bristol Airport, which runs exclusively on poop. No joke, the bus can travel 186 miles on a single tank of gas, which adds up to be about the amount of doody produced by 5 people every year.

Shared by the STM's Facebook page, we couldn't help but tie the two together, and imagine a poop-powered bus in Montreal's public transit network. Environmentally friendly, the Bio-Bus could be a green replacement for the city's own airport service shuttle, the 747. Sure, it may be smelly, but Mother Nature would be pretty pleased.

Check out the Bio-Bus in action in the video below, courtesy of Press Association.

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