Montreal's STM Ticket Machines Will Not Let You Buy A Monthly Pass With Cash In 2015

Photo cred - Imgur

Hopefully you've come to terms with the fact that, come the dawn of 2015, you will be paying more for your STM tickets and monthly fares. All demographics will be subjected to the price hike, but only those of us who pay for a regular monthly pass, without any discount, will be inconvenience by the automatic machine in the new year.

Right now, as one Montrealer has pointed out on Imgur, the STM's automatic ticket machine has a cash limit of $80, indicated by new signs attached to the machines. Normally that wouldn't be much of an issue, as the regular monthly fare costed only $79.50. Come 2015, however, the monthly pass for non-students and seniors will be $82, meaning you won't be able to purchase a monthly STM pass with cold hard cash, unless the limit is increased.

One will note how the signs indicating the $80 limit are new, and are likely a way for the STM to stress to regular monthly pass buyers that they shouldn't be using cash to recharge/buy their OPUS card. Given that fact, it seems unlikely the STM will increase the machine's cash limit, though that may not be the case.

In all seriousness, this isn't a major obstacles to overcome. Most of us are carrying a debit or credit card pretty much all the time, and personally, using a card is preferred over carrying a big wad of cash. But still, there are some folks who stand by paper currency, and many more of us who may be using Christmas cash to pay for various expenses in the new year, who won't be able to use the automatic machine.

Of course, any and all using cash could simply go to the STM attendant by the turnstiles (as the sign points out) and buy your monthly pass there, though, given the long lines that are typically seen in front of said attendants, and the STM employee's not-too-stellar reputation for customer service, the automatic machine is the preferred method.

So come 2015, carry a card or be ready to talk to an STM employee to get your monthly pass. Whichever method, just make sure you're brooding over how much cheaper it is for students and seniors, I know I still am.

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