Montreal's STM Will Allow You To Recharge Your Opus Card From Home In 2015


Photo cred - Joshua McRae

The hassle of having to trek it to a metro station or certain stores to recharge your OPUS card will no longer be a thing by 2015. With the dawn of the new year, the STM will be launching their official online ticket centre, allowing you to put money on your OPUS card from the comfort of your home, reports Métro.

Dubbed "Opus Solution Online," the service was already announced last April, with a fluid "end 2014/early 2015" launch date set. Now we know the latter is the case, with the online OPUS recharging service set for January of next year. Better a 'lil late then never.

A pilot project for remote OPUS recharding has already been in progress since November, with 800 Montrealers able to buy regular and reduces fares and put them onto their OPUS using smart card reader and a computer. The same system will be used when the STM launches the service to all of Montreal in January 2015.

Still to be worked out by the STM is the specifics of the remote recharging system, such as the payment options available and whether or not they will rent or sell the special smart card reader. Buying one seems like the best option for maximizing convenience, lets just hope the STM doesn't charge too much.

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