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Montreal's "Strip Spelling Bee" Gets Nude With Words Tomorrow Night

Time to test your knowledge, or else...
Montreal's "Strip Spelling Bee" Gets Nude With Words Tomorrow Night

Photo cred - Maxx Manboeuf

Spelling bees were probably the bane of your existence in elementary school, unless you were one of those good spellers who rocked everyone's socks. Y'all know our rep for grammar, so yes, its safe to assume we hate spelling bees, except for this one, because, well, nudity is involved. Get ready for a good time with words at Montreal's Strip Spelling Bee: Sunnydale Edition.

To be held tomorrow night at MainLine Theatre (map), a Strip Spelling Bee works like you would think. Sexy spellers get up on stage, try to spell a word, and if they get it wrong, it's time to strip 1/3 of clothes off. Three strikes (and a lot of clothes) later your out, but at least you got to get all sexy with it before you lost.

The very best speller will win prizes, as will the best stripper, to be chosen by a secret judge in the audience. All participants won't have to pay any cover and will get a free drink ticket, so there's incentive for everyone to get a 'lil nude.

For those of you who caught the title's reference to the hometown of the Hellmouth, you'll already know that this edition of Strip Spelling Bee is Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed. Anyone strip/spelling in a Buffy costume will get extra points for style. I'll personally be sporting my "I ♥ Vampire Slayers" t-shirt, and a warning to any guy who dresses like Spike: I may lose my shit and just jump you. You've been warned.

Learn more about tomorrow's Strip Spelling Bee: Sunnydale Edition and how you can participate at the facebook event page here.

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