Montreal's Summer 2014 Free "Fire Festival" Ignites This weekend

The 10th edition of Falla is something hot to see.
Montreal's Summer 2014 Free "Fire Festival" Ignites This weekend

Photo cred - Michèle Delisle

Three days of cultural events and excitement are coming to Montreal as the TOHU performance centre becomes FALLA, a musical and artistic festival of performances that also features a gigantic wood structure that's lit on fire, Burning Man-style. Totally free of charge, FALLA is a Spanish-inspired festival unlike anything else in Montreal.

FALLA's festivities begin on Thursday, August 14th and run on until Saturday the 16th. Each day focuses on a different set of performances, and here's the basic breakdown:

  • La Fête au village (Thursday, 5pm-11pm): A musical experience where in one global village, the traditions of Mexico, Africa and Quebec are showcased.
  • Balkan Beat Party (Friday, 5pm-11pm): DJs and dancers combine the musical styling of Eastern Europe’s Gypsy brass bands with modern music for a concert that is a blend of new and old.
  • The Fun Party (Saturday, 5pm-11pm): The title says it all. A combination of different musical artists, all showcasing different genres, will hit the stage all night and lead up to the iconic FALLA closing ceremony.

One major event sets FALLA apart from any other artistic festival, and that is the lighting of the 10-metre tall FALLA structure that will be set on fire on Saturday night. A tradition taken from the festival in Velencia, Spain, the fire-show will be a cultural and sensory experience you won't want to miss. Check it out in the video below:

Get all the information on the daily happening at FALLA at TOHU via the official event listing.

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