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Montreal's Super Scary Old Port "Ghost Tour" You Must Go On This Fall

Get in the Halloween spirit!
Montreal's Super Scary Old Port "Ghost Tour" You Must Go On This Fall

Well everyone, fall is officially only 3 days away!! You know what that means right? It's almost time to pull out our oversized sweaters and scarves, grab our pumpkin spice lattes and go out admiring all the beautiful leaves that are about to envelope our city skyline. 

But those aren't the only amazing things that come with fall, Halloween does too! Even though this great holiday is a little over a month away still, we all know it's never too early to get into the Halloween spirit. 

That's why you absolutely need to go on this super scary ghost tour in the old port ASAP! 

Les Fantomes du Vieux-Montreal is a tour through all the creepy dark corners of Old Montreal taking place from May to October. It's the perfect way to get you into the Halloween spirit this year. 

We all know that Montreal had a rich an interesting history and Old Montreal was the centre of all of it. Scary stories dotted Montreal's past and this tour brings these stories to light with tales of witches, charlatans, criminals and killers that used to roam those very streets at night. 

The tours are available in both English and French and cost about $25. They also hold a special Halloween day ghost tour, which is even creepier and scarier than the others! 

Check out theirwebsite to book your tickets. 

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