Who the fuck is Tanks and Bombs? I’ll tell you who they are, but first let me tell you who I am. I’m Jessica Kaye, part time writer for MTL Blog and a folk-pop singer-songwriter who has teamed up with the talented Mille Rosado . We are Tanks and Bombs. We play a bit of folk, (as expected of any chick acoustic duo, yeah, we play a lot of A minor and C chords), but we also play around with two different loop-pedals and an electribe. This makes some of tunes fall in to the ambient electro-pop category. Electro and folk…weird mix right? Well, maybe. But don’t knock it till you’ve heard it. We have been playing music together for a little over a month, and we’re about to go on our first tour.

WTF? Already? Yup! Our boyfriends are both in 3-piece garage-punk love affair The BCASA and they’re also going on tour. They’ll be throwing down on the east coast this month. So instead of sitting around at home like a couple of bored gals missing their boys, we decided to join forces to make a little duo to set up our own tour. What seems like 1000 e-mails and Facebook messages later, it’s finally all confirmed. This Thursday, we’ll be headed off to California and British Colombia for three weeks. Here are our dates:

June 4th: Burritoville, Montreal

June 6th: Mason Social House , San Francisco

June 9th: Brainwash Cafe, San Francisco

June 12th: Tupelo, San Francisco

June 13th: Merchants of Reality, San Francisco

June 15h: Java Beach Cafe, San Francisco

June 16th: Logan's Pub, Victoria

June 18th: Treehouse Cafe, Saltspring Island

June 20th: Displace Hashery, Vancouver

June 21st: The British Ex Servicemen Association, Vancouver

*Our last show is a fundraiser for a cat that got hit by a car and needs surgery. What better cause is there?

Being the lucky ladies that we are, we’ve got couches to crash on for every night that we’re away. Hurrah! However, we don’t have any money. Boo! We’ll be out busking to buy all that IN N’ OUT fast food we intend to eat. We don’t know what to expect while we’re gallivanting around the west coast like two bohemian nomads, all we know is that it’ll be an adventure. The kind of adventure you tell your grandkids about with exaggerated grandeur and scrambled details, sonny.

To find out what happens when two Montreal artists go on a musical journey to the other side of the continent, stay tuned for a tour diary of our ups and downs, our embarrassing moments, our minor defeats and our major victories. Our tour kick-off show is TONIGHT June 4th, at Burritoville (2055 Bishop). Come out to wish us luck, have a beer, and maybe even buy a two dollar raffle ticket for a chance to win half the raffle money! Opening act is Tricia Fitz. Show starts at 9pm sharp and ends at 11pm. For realz.

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