Montreal`s Tanks And Bombs Tour The West Coast Tour Blog 2


As mentioned in the first blog, this is a real DIY tour. We've booked everything ourselves and are crashing on couches along the way. We even made our own stickers to hand out to people at gigs. To stay afloat financially ( and to afford all the caffeine we need) we've been out busking (playing music for spare change) every day in the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco. For those of you who need to brush up on your counterculture trivia, this region of SF is best known for the hippie movement, making it the poster child for  the famous 1967 Summer of Love. These days it's more of a novelty tourist trap, but the combination of street art, vintage shops, cute cafes and oddball characters still make for an intriguing vibe. Our best day busking on this street so far was during the Haight Street Fair, where we made some good cash, some good green, and got filmed in a few vids. We were also asked to appear on a web show later this week! Stream it on (sf commons/ Public Television) Friday at 6 -pacific time, 9pm your time Montreal - you can even call in and talk to us!

Getting Free Stuff Everywhere We Go

Don't ask me why (and for God's sake don't jinx it) but we seem to be attracting free stuff everywhere we go. “Hey would you girls like 2 free bus tickets?” “ Care for some pastries on the house?” “Oh that green tea is on us!” “Here's a free scarf for you girls!” Yes, free food and booze is one of the best perks of being a musician on the road (especially when it's veggie chili and nachos) but a lot of this free stuff is coming from random people who don't even know we're on tour. Keep the free stuff coming Universe, we sure are grateful!

Playing Gigs

Last but not least, we are obviously playing shows and open mics every single night. A few nights ago at The Riptide, someone sang along to The Squidward Song! How did he know it? That means we have at least one fan so far, and hopefully more by the time we leave. Last night we had the privilege of headlining and being the featured artists at one of our favorite bars, Ireland's 32. We also had a blast at 50 Mason Social Club and Brainwash Cafe, and our tour kick off at Burritoville in Montreal was the shit. Thanks so much for your support everyone, we love y'all! Here are the rest of our tour dates, tell your friends:

June 13th: Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco

June 14th: Merchants of Reality 830pm, San Francisco

June 15h: Goorin Brothers North Beach Street Fair 12-2pm

Java Beach Cafe 7pm, San Francisco

June 17th: Logan’s Pub 10pm, Victoria

June 18th: Treehouse Cafe, Saltspring Island

June 19th: TBA, Vancouver

June 20th: Displace Hashery, Vancouver

June 21st: The British Ex Servicemen Association, and MakeMusic Vancouver festival *more details soon*

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