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Montreal's Taxis Will All Be The Same Colour

Just like New York City.
Montreal's Taxis Will All Be The Same Colour

It's a question I've been asking myself for years. Why the hell is every taxi in Montreal different? Same-same but different... but still same!

Instead of having nice monochromatic yellow taxicabs like New York City, we're stuck with these ugly random cars that blend in to the scenery instead of being easy to spot. 

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Well now Montreal's taxis may be scheduled for a makeover. Montreal wants all the taxis in the city to be painted the same color with a big "Bonjour" painted on the side.

Nouvelle image de marque du taxi à #Montreal. Un partenaire emblématique de la mobilité de la métropole!  #taxibonjour #polmtl

April 23, 2017

The number of taxis riders continues to drop, so Mayor Coderre thinks that a rebranding is necessary. Unfortunately he can't force the taxis to undergo this change, but the city hopes the taxis will make the change on their own. 

The paint job would cost about $1,500. 

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