Montreal's Temperatures To Be Above 5°C This Week

We've suffered enough.
Montreal's Temperatures To Be Above 5°C This Week

I don't know about you, but I pretty much spent all weekend under a blanket on the couch watching TV. There was no way I was going outside unless it was absolutely necessary. But sadly it's Monday so I no longer have a say in the matter.

As a nice bonus my car didn't start this morning. Not because the battery was dead, but because the engine was literally frozen. All the promises I've read about the winter being over and spring coming early this year seemed to be have been lies. That is until I checked the weather report this morning.

Turns out that was just an isolated crappy weekend and the temperatures will be returning to normal soon.

How soon? Well, tomorrow will be 6°C and both Saturday an Sunday will be above 0°C. That means we'll have the perfect weather to to enjoy the Montreal en Lumiere Festival that stars on February 18th.

Let's just hope the weather stays nice because as we all know, temperature swings like these can often cause ice rain.

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