Montreal's Terasses Bonsecours Wants To Hire You This Summer

A sweet summer gig.
Montreal's Terasses Bonsecours Wants To Hire You This Summer

Summer may be a ways away, but preparation begins now. As we all know, essential to any successful summer is a solid job, because you need to fund all those festival tickets somehow. And rather than get some basic minimum-wage gig, why not get a job that lets you enjoy the summer sun and get plenty of tips?

Terrasses Bonsecours, the Old Port bistro-nightclub combo, wants to give you that chance, having released a call to action via Instagram asking Montrealers to apply.

The process is beyond simple. Just head to the website, click the blue "We are hiring!" button below the "Opening on May 16th, 2016" banner (admittedly, I missed it on my first couple of scrolls through the page) and you'll be sent to the application page.

All of the usual info is required in the application form, like your date of birth, availability, and a short blurb as to why you want to work at Terrasse Bonsecours.

A link to your Facebook profile and two photos (sent along with your CV) are also required. Unfortunately, this is the service industry we're dealing with here, and getting hired solely based on your experience, with your looks or physicality playing no role, isn't a reality. Sending in photos is actually par for the course, as experienced servers will likely tell you.

To be fair, however, Terasse Bonsecours hasn't specified what type of roles they're looking to fill, even though the application makes it seem like waiters/waitresses. So even if you're not a server (or aspiring server) it may be worth applying anyway, as TB will no doubt need kitchen and support staff.

Regardless of the role, a gig at Terasses Bonsecours would probably be pretty sweet. Sure, you might have to deal with a fair amount of yuppie-bros and tourists, but they can be fun, and are certainly known to tip well. Plus the place has a stunning outdoor complex and view of the water, a definite boon to any shift.

To get your application-on, head over to the TB website here.

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