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Montreal's Terrasse Olive Orange Free Booze & Food Day

Free is the best flavour.

What's the best way for people to come check out your resto's new terrasse? Offer all of Montreal free food and drinks, that's how. Thankfully Olive Orange knows that the people want (free shit) and they're celebrating the opening of their new terrasse at Usine C with an entirely free event this weekend, where you can enjoy charcoal grilled eats and cocktails all on the house.

Sunday June 1st will be the official opening party for Terasse Olive Orange, located at 1901 Visitation (map) which is just a little north of Beaudry station for anyone metro-ing. Just for showing up you'll be given a free cocktail, as well as charcoal-grilled eats. The event begins at noon and runs until 5pm, so you'll have a full 5 hours to capitalize on this sweet deal.

To add an extra spice of enticing to the event, Olive Orange is offering anyone (even those who don't attend the event) a chance to win a $100 gift card to Terrasse Olive Orange. All you need to do is follow them on social media. One hundred bucks is a Facebook like away. Enter and find out more here.

All are welcome to the event (singles, couples, kids, etc.) so feel free to bring a posse, or go solo. A new terrasse to check out and a bunch of free offerings are more than enough reason to attend.

Find out all the info at the Terrasse Olive Orange opening event page.

Will you be getting free booze and food at Terrasse Olive Orange?

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