Montreal's Terrasses Bonsecours Is Hosting End Of Summer "Boozy Brunches" Every Single Sunday

There's nothing better than brunch with booze.
Montreal's Terrasses Bonsecours Is Hosting End Of Summer "Boozy Brunches" Every Single Sunday

Photo cred - Terrasses Bonsecours

You might as well call Sunday "Montreal Brunch Day," 'cuz everyone heads out to enjoy a filling meal with cocktails to get lightly day-drunk on the final day of the week. We're just as obsessed with brunch as the rest of the city, and now we can confidently say only one place perfectly combines brunch, booze, and sunshine (the ingredients to a perfect Sunday): Terrasse Bonsecour's Boozy Brunch Sundays.

Held every single Sunday (starting at 2pm), Old Port's renowned Terrasse transforms into a day party that focuses equally on food and drinks, as every brunch should. To quote Boozy Brunch's slogan "Brunch without booze is just a sad, late, breakfast" and we couldn't agree more.

Drinks of every sort are flowing at Boozy Brunch, from standard beer, shots, and martinis, to signature cocktails (champagne varieties included), iced slushy drinks, and an incredibly stacked list of sangria, the quintessential summer drink. We went with the iconic Blue Sangria and Mojito flavours, both being refreshing and (just as importantly) deliciously alcoholic.

Food is at the forefront of any brunch, and Terrasse Bonsecours doesn't mess around with their signature brunch dishes, all of them creative twists on traditional classics. For a set price you can get one brunch plate (served with fruit and potatoes) and a mimosa or berry smoothie. Prepare to salivate, 'cuz you're about to see some beautiful brunch delicacies.

Fried chicken and waffles gloriously grace Boozy Brunch's menu, and Terrasse Bonsecours definitely does justice to the soul food classic. Lightly battered and crispy fried chicken perfectly compliment the fluffy waffles, and when drizzled with pure maple syrup, the dish breaches beyond the boundaries of your typical brunch flavours.

Waffles also make an appearance on the Waffle Burger, a meaty beef patty topped with two eggs, bacon, gruyere cheese, and served with maple syrup. Maybe my favourite of all the dishes, the juices of the meats and runny eggs are absorbed by the waffle-bun making each and every bite an explosion of complimentary flavours. Use your fork or your hands, either way, you gotta try this.

On the esoteric side of things is the Seafood Frittata, a bountiful egg omelette filled with a healthy amount of crab and shrimp. Served in a cast-iron pan, the Seafood Frittata looks beautiful and tastes even better. The natural creaminess of the crab and shrimp meat blend into the egg for the fanciest, and richest in flavour, omelette you'll have at any brunch spot.

For those who like more traditional dishes, Boozy Brunch has you covered. Meat lovers can order a classic Steak & Eggs dish. A 6-ounce and seasoned Angus beef steak is served with two eggs. Simple, but the juicy and tender meat make it a dish worth ordering.

Then there's the classic Montreal bagel plate, called the Au Secours Bonsecours at Boozy Brunch. A bed of fresh smoked salmon is served with traditional Montreal bagel, tomatoes, capers, onions, avocado, and a very healthy amount of cream cheese. In a dish like this, quality of ingredients goes a long way, and Boozy Brunch doesn't skimp out on the salmon, cream cheese, and veggies, making the dish just as good an option as any of the others, despite its simplicity.

We must also bring up Boozy Brunch's legit tapas menu, with By The Land (meat) and Into The Sea (seafood) offerings. You can get dishes like filet mignon tartar, BBQ'd shrimp, Lil Mac Sliders, and grilled Ahi tuna (among many others) to lightly fuel your day-time partying.

Sunday is still part of the weekend and Boozy Brunch is the best mix of relaxation and good eating, with a much-needed injection of fun and partying unseen at other restos, or anywhere in Montreal. Boozy Brunch finds that happy medium of eating/drinking/partying you've been missing in your Sundays.

Will we see you at Terrasses Bonsecours for Boozy Brunch?