This is the kind of town that prides itself on exploring and experimenting with new artistic endeavors which oftentimes gives us brilliant work…and sometimes leaves everyone a little confused.

The boys of The Comedy aren’t offering you anything too new and weird; just classic steady rock music with fresh lyrics and awesome performances.

Give their song ‘Machines’ a listen and you’re immediately ushered into a familiar headspace of constant bass lines and tripping guitar riffs. Their sustained harmonic hooks are just catchy enough that you hear every line singer Pasquale D’Alessio breathes and all at once not too wordy, allowing his soaring voice to fully resonate in your ear.

While the subject matter of their music and lyrics has a haunting and sobering element to it, it’s feel-good melodies like ‘Lighthouse’ that get you smiling. There is obviously a lot of care taken in the production values of each and every track on the debut album Deadlights (srsly get out some proper headphones that do these artists justice). While often compared Snow Patrol or early Radiohead, we would say the Comedy take a more simplistic, never over-done approach to rock.

If you don’t get to catch them putting on the ritz at Petit Campus tonight, the Comedy will be reaching back to its roots once more in November at intimate indie hub Le Cagibi.

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