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Montreal's Theatre Telus To Host First Ever Summer Burlesque Kegger Party

An unlikely combo that just makes sense.
Montreal's Theatre Telus To Host First Ever Summer Burlesque Kegger Party

Burlesque dancers and kegs full of beer have probably never been part of the same party. One is sexy, classy, and risqué while the other is the epitome of wasted-bro culture. Together, however, they will combine to create a party with the best of both worlds: a summer burlesque kegger on June 5th.

Held in arguably the best venue in Montreal, Theatre Telus, this will be a party for the ages. Scantly clad ladies + gents and copious amounts of beer in a party-perfect space pretty much guarantee a good time.

Obviously we would be the masterminds behind such a debauchery party-concept, as the summer burlesque kegger at Theatre Telus is also the MTL Awards 2014 After Party.

Once the formal affair ends, the kegs will come out, the shooter bar will be set up, and all the pretty people in sexy costumes will populate Theatre Telus. You're all invited, of course.

If all that didn't sell you already, here are more party details to seal the deal on your attendance:

  • Re-fillable drink buckets to enjoy all that beer
  • Three live DJs (Love Thy Brother + Mr. Nokturn + DJ Fynn)
  • A giant dance floor, with plenty of room still available to chill and drink
  • Matching bracelets - find your party-partner and get free shots
  • An on-site food truck

You're getting all that jazz, and tickets are only $10. Get 'em here, while they last. Start your Grand Prix weekend off right with the best party of the summer thus far, and lets be real, the whole season.

Theatre Telus' Summer Burlesque Kegger aka The Mtl Awards 2014 After Party is this Thursday, June 5th. For more details join the Facebook event page.