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Best Montreal Hot Chocolate Spots

Warm up the sweetest way we know how.
Best Montreal Hot Chocolate Spots

There is no better way to warm your body than with chocolate, hot chocolate that is. Soothing warmth and the flavour ecstasy of cocoa combine into a beverage that extinguishes all woes. As cold as Montreal gets (and we're getting there people) there are more than enough great cafes and chocolate shops offering crazy good chocolate elixirs of heat and happiness. Everyone knows Juliet & Chocolat is the standard, but why not venture off the beaten hot chocolate track and try out MTL Blog's top 5 hot chocolate spots?

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Suite 88

(1225 De Maisonneuve west)

One of the most legit chocolate shops in the city, Suite 88 boasts imported chocolate from Europe, a wide range of cakes and cocoa-based treats, and a team of professional chocolatiers freshly making sweet stuffs. Suite 88's hot chocolate is on the same level of quality, and available in a wide range of flavours. You can have a simple 'intense' (pure chocolate and cream) or lightened up with milk, but you're better to go for gold with the chili-cayenne variety. The most popular hot chocolate item, the chili-cayenne flavour will warm you up something fierce.

Check out their full menu, including +10 types of hot chocolate here

Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur

(4050 Coloniale)

Not you're typical place the find hot chocolate, Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur is a quaint and cozy tea room and spice shop that offers some really cool and original products. Fuchsia has a cozy interior which will shield you from the stress of Montreal's city winter, and the Jasmine Hot Chocolate will do the same. Tons of other cool products are offered (from sweets to foot scrubs), and Fuchsia even hosts brunch on Sunday, so be sure to check it out even if you're not a chocolate lover.

Take a closer look the Fuchsia's official website

Cacao 70

(2087 St. Catherines West)

Just as much a restaurant as a chocolate bar, Cacao 70 has a very diverse menu of savory eats, sweet treats, and hot chocolate. Dessert pizzas are an awesome pull (helloooo chocolate-peanut butter pizza) and best paired with some of Cacao 70's hot chocolate creations. The Cioccolata Calda, an Italian spin on the hot chocolate, is intensely decadent and definitely deserves its description as "one of the most amazing treats in the world."

Drool over the full menu here

Café Humble Lion

(904 Sherbrooke West)

Perfect for McGill students who need some warm chocolate therapy in between classes and studying is Café Humble Lion. Humble Lion roasts some legit coffee beans, and is great for a caffeine fix, but they're hot chocolate is nothing to gloss over either. Rich and smooth, Humble Lion doesn't have the large array of hot chocolate items like some of the other places on this list, but they make up for it with great coffee, delicious desserts, and an atmosphere great for relaxing or studying.

Check them out on Facebook here.

Cafe Myriade

(1432 Mackay)

A great coffee and hot chocolate alternative for Concordia students is definitely Cafe Myriade. Known for solid coffee-based beverages, Cafe Myriade's mocha is the perfect drink for anyone needing a pick me up with a cocoa twist, a sublime balance of coffee and chocolate. Mile End-ers can now partake in Myriade's great beverages, as they recently opened a new location on St.Viateur and Jeanne Mance.

Did we leave out your favourite place to sip on hot chocolate? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out!

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