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Best Montreal Wine Bars

Where to go for a glass of white or red.
Best Montreal Wine Bars

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Wine bars are all the rage these days, earning street-cred for magnificent wine lists sure to make any wineo happy, many of which get changed-up regularly and pair with some of Montreal’s best menus.

It's perfect for those looking to discover great bottles that can't be found at the SAQ, and for those eager to revisit their favourites. Private wine importers have set high quality standards for the booming wine bar industry, and we have plenty of excellent juice to be grateful for.

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3424 Avenue du Parc

You would never guess that this gem was hiding within a run-down-looking building just across the street from Provigo, but it is. And that’s kinda charming in itself.

For those that can’t make up their minds on which wine to order and are interested in tasting a variety at a time, Pullman offers a reasonably-priced trio based on wines by the same producers, regions, or of similar grape varieties -- and this changes regularly.

Most impressive of all? The beautiful chandelier built from wine glasses that hangs over the main floor, but can be appreciated from any of them.

If you’re ready to drop some cash, then this is a great wine bar to check out, whether the intention is to impress on a date or enjoy a night out with friends.

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Buvette Chez Simone

4869 Avenue du Parc

More urban, less chi-chi, Buvette Chez Simone is a friendly du Parc-neighbourhood wine bar with an ever-changing wine list that is sure to rouse and satisfy. A variety of vintages, well-thought out menu, dim lighting, and great tunes make it the perfect digs for a night out.

It’s one of those places that never ceases to amaze and never declines on quality, no matter the hype.

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Le Vin Papillon

2519 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Boasting a solid balance between rustic and trendy, Le Vin Papillon is a hit in the summer thanks to its outdoor Little Burgundy patio, but even a greater hit is their farm-fresh menu and wine list.

With neighbouring siblings like Joe Beef and Liverpool House, one can only expect creativity and decadence -- concepts that most popular establishments lose sight of in their greedy pursuit of wealth.

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Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins

4807 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Natural wines: They are all over it. Paired with their delicious house-cured charcuterie and a rotating French and Italian tapas menu, this convivial wine bar located in the Mile End is both suitably priced and well-stocked.

It makes for a great pre-drink meetup with friends, any day.

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Dolcetto & Co.

151 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

The interior design of this place is highly nautical, in a super cool way. Pushing out a bangin’ Italian wine list and the most delicious Italian antipasti, cheeses, charcuterie, and pizzettes, Dolcetto & Co. will spoil your senses rotten at a very modest price.

With some of the best service this city has to offer, especially in Old Montreal, you’ll have a hard time not coming back so soon.

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