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Montreal's "Trash Family" To Embark On An Ultimate Poutine Themed Tour Across Quebec

Quite possibly the greatest tour the province will ever see.
Montreal's "Trash Family" To Embark On An Ultimate Poutine Themed Tour Across Quebec

Photo cred - MANNY

Electronic beats are combining with epic eats during the Trash Family's upcoming tour of the province of Quebec, which is the nightlife combination you've been missing in your life. Taking Quebec by storm with twenty shows throughout September & October, Trash Family will be making sure you're well fed with good music, and, (wait for it) poutine.

Montreal is the mandatory start to any tour of the province, and Trash Family knows it, so they're starting off their Quebec 2014 tour right with a combo-show at Le Belmont on Friday, September 12th for Kannibalen Records' 4 year anniversary show with all the members of the Trash Family spinning back to back and getting the energy up from 10 to 12.

The magic doesn't stop there. Mr. Nokturn, Mats Hard, Dure Nuit, Disco INCEWIPD, and Hugo Watts will be heading out to play more Montreal shows (POP Montreal, Cabaret Underworld, RAVE POLYTECHNO) and heading out across Quebec to make the night come alive with hard electronic rhythms in every hot spot of the province.

Now, what makes this tour extra special is the magic addition of poutine. Trash Family knows you work up an appetite drinking and dancing all night, so, during every show, from 10pm to midnight, the family will be taking poutine orders and go get you some grub from the closest poutinerie. A poutine is necessary for a solid night out, and Trash Family is bringing the party-fuel right to you.

Check out the Trash Family Quebec 2014 tour dates and locations in the flyer below, and be sure to head to their online tour dates to get all the info.

For more Trash Family make sure to follow them on facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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