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Montreal's Ubisoft Is Hosting A Pop Up Video Game Event On Saint Laurent Street

Photo cred - Ubisoft

Tomorrow, Ubisoft Canada is hosting a special kind of street art gallery event on Saint Laurent Boulevard, one that will make your both inner geek and mural-loving artistic side squeal with excitement. Taking place at the infamous MuralFest parking lot on St. Laurent and Prince Arthurt will be Ubisoft Canada's Far Cry 4 event.

A special gaming event being held for Montrealers and Torontonians, the Far Cry gaming event will offer any and all who come out the chance to get an exclusive hands-on look at the fourth Far Cry instalment on a PlayStation 4 consoles, right in the parking lot. Far Cry 4 isn't set for release 'til November 18th, giving you a full-month preview you can then brag about on whichever gamer board you call home.

More than just a demo, folks who come out to the event will also get to tell stories through the creation of 3 in-game murals.  Montrealers will have the chance to watch and interact with street artists. A contest will also be organized for the event, giving you the chance to win some exclusive prizes and Far Cry 4 swag.

Ubisoft Canada is the team behind the release of big- name game series like Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, and Watch Dogs. The team will also be at the event, so you can ask questions and pick the brains of the people who make your favourite games.

Ubisoft's exclusive Far Cry 4 and PlayStation event will take place tomorrow, on Tuesday, October 28th from 1pm-9pm. Head over to the official event page get all the info and any updates on the exact time.

 Will you be attending?

Photo cred - Ubisoft