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Montreal's Underground City Needs An "Underground Park" Badly

A below-ground green space the city should really have.
Montreal's Underground City Needs An "Underground Park" Badly

Photo cred - The Lowline

Montreal's underground network (or "city") is famous around the world, and pretty handy for residents of the city who want to avoid going outside in the colder months of the year. Somewhat-secret passages and less-magical subterranean malls make up Montreal's underground city, but what Montreal needs is a more exciting below-ground locale, much like NYC's planned "Lowline" underground park.

By re-purposing an abandoned trolley station, a group of New Yorkers are looking to create a "stunning underground park" that will function as both a tourist attraction and a new kind of urban public space, one that will celebrate the city's history while also utilizing modern technologies to benefit citizens.

The Lowline is planned to be an underground green space, which sounds antithetical, but that's where all that new tech comes in. Using a "solar collection dish," a channel will constructed that basically filters sunlight from above the surface into the underground park, providing light to plants and people. Ingenious, and a little sci-fi, in a good way.

An underground park in Montreal just makes sense. One, we already have a huge subterranean network, so citizens are used to walking about below ground. Second, Montreal has plenty of unused underground spaces which could easily be recreated into a park, as this map shows. Third, and most important, Montrealers crave park-chilling during the winter months, and a warmed underground green space would surely fill that void.

What do you think?

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