Montreal's Underground Graffiti World Is Showcased In 'Words On Walls'

You walk by some daily and never really realize that it is everywhere.
Montreal's Underground Graffiti World Is Showcased In 'Words On Walls'

Montreal is renowned for its many murals and graffiti that beautifully stretch across the city's walls. Aside from these grandiose images, a vast amount of seemingly random phrases adorn the bricks of Montreal. Often overlooked, these sayings and sentences can be found all around the city, and range from single words to full blown commands. Celebrating the graffiti-text of Montreal is Tumblr's 'Words on Walls' (Des Mots sur des Murs), an online compilation of user submitted images documenting MTL's urban literature.

You'll be surprised at how familiar most of these phrases look or seem, even though you can't quite place their location. Its easy to overlook a few words when passing by a random building. 'Words on Walls' makes text the star, with a vast amount of submitted images from all around the city. Take a gander at some of these sentences and try piece together just what they mean, and to whom. They were written down for a reason, and meant to be read.

Be sure to check out the main page and submit your own pics the next time you pass a random saying in the streets.

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