Montreal's Urban-Acrobatic Park Officially Opens Today

The first of its kind in North America.
Montreal's Urban-Acrobatic Park Officially Opens Today

Exalto Park, the very first acrobatic park in Montreal and all of North America, will be officially open to the public on Saturday May 24th at the Olympic Stadium.

The park will be open all weekend (Sat & Sun) from 11am to 4pm. Half of the park will be open for free, while the other half will require an entrance fee, according to Journal Métro.

Exalto Park's construction and opening is being financed by the French company Altiplano. Hopefully the company will bust out some bills and make the official opening truly spectacular to draw people in.

The coolest things to look forward to in the park are the three high-altitude acrobatic playgrounds, the highest as tall as a two-storey building, with a zipline in the mix too. It'll be like your summer camp's high rope course, just a bit smaller and in the city.

Find out all the info at Exalto Park's official website.

Are you excited for Exalto Park?

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