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Montreal's Real-Life "Escape Game" Is Now Open Near Lionel-Groulx Metro Station

We told you about a new urban maze coming to Montreal back in October and it's now officially up and running. A/Maze takes the point-and-click format of "escape-the-room" adventures made popular by video games and puts you directly in the action.

With three different immersive scenarios to choose from,A/Maze is more than just a labyrinth. It's a real-life escape game that puts your survival skills, abilities to solve problems and powers of deduction to the ultimate test.

Break out of prison and escape the death penalty for a crime you didn't commit; Prevent the end of the world by investigating the secret lab of a mad scientist; Or search the Lost Temple to find a mysterious ancient idol.

Each scenario features its own interactive environment based on historical and cultural facts, and set of rules. The name of the game is primarily communication, as you and your team will have to use every object and clue available to you to solve the puzzles, crack the codes, and break ciphers to escape before the 45-minute timer runs out.

Not all clues are created equal, however, and not every step will lead you towards the exit. Unlike most escape activities in Montreal, everything at A/Maze has been carefully considered, from customized decorations, to working props, to large-scale artwork, and even locally-produced music to optimize your experience and suck you into the reality of each game.

Up to 14 people can play at the same time in different rooms, which makes A/Maze ideal for birthday and bachelor parties, or put your date to the test perhaps. Be warned, however as only 5-10% of people ever actually complete the game. Working together is key and can sometimes be the biggest challenge of all.

A/Maze has only been open for 2 months, but thanks to elaborate environments, challenging story lines, and amazing (pun!) attention to detail, Montrealers already love it. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill escape room, so if you are looking for a fun, new activity to do in Montreal, enter into A/Maze.

Check out the A/Maze Facebook page for more info and the website for all the details.