Montreal's Vanier College Bans Coca-Cola & All Fried Food

A healthy step in the right direction.
Montreal's Vanier College Bans Coca-Cola & All Fried Food

Photo cred - Nicole Abalde

Students at Vanier College in need of a quick greasy food-fix or sugar rush will find themselves wanting, as the Montreal Cégep has officially prohibited any on-campus food outlet from selling fried foods and soft drinks, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Launched right at the start of the year, the healthy eating initiative also includes a colour-coded ranking system for foods sold in vending machines. Hashtag healthy foods are labelled green, more indulgent snacks are yellow, while straight-up bad for you foods are red, as you probably already guessed.

Enforced by the school's administration, the plan to popularize healthy eating is backed by Vanier's student union, as pointed out by CJAD.

Vanier isn't the only Montreal educational institution to implement some pretty radical changes to the on-campus food scene. McGill tossed out their Tim Hortons & Pizza Pizza location in the RedPath Libarary, which fueled many students' all-nighters during exams, replacing both with a Première Moisson, and has been increasing their healthy food choices over the last five years.

Healthy eating and diet quality areintrinsically linked to student performance, so it's great that Vanier is getting students to eat better, even if they're kind of forcing healthy food down their throats. A complete ban on fried foods seems a little extreme on our end though, because sometimes you just need some cheesy fries to bury the woes of your last exam.

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