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Montreal's Vegan Sushi Shop Is Great For A First Date

Let love spring (roll).
Montreal's Vegan Sushi Shop Is Great For A First Date

Alright, guys, straight up: relationships are not easy. There's are many different issues where you and your partner might not see eye to eye, and where compromise is necessary. Sometimes, one of those issues just might be food - especially if one person is vegan while the other is not.

Well, friends, there's a spot in Montreal that's here to solve all of your relationship dilemmas, as long as the extent of your relationship problems involve veganism and sushi. Sushi Momo (8 Avenue Duluth E) is a delicious sushi spot in Montreal, offering up modern and contemporary sushi rolls that are - wait for it - completely vegan.

Vegan sushi. Thought it would be weird. But it was pretty good. ???? #whyamipostingthis

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Yes, friends, you read that right: vegan sushi. And we're not talking, like, three different versions of avocado maki. We're talking rolls made with mushrooms and truffle oil; jack fruit; faux shrimp; and Japanese plums, just to name a few. Oh, and the best part? Momo also has a really solid gluten-free menu, meaning you can enjoy their sushi delights, even if you and gluten do not get along.

If this sounds like something that you (and/or your date) would be interested in experiencing, then don't forget to check out Momo's Facebook page.

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