Montreal's Verdun Beach Possible New Location In 2017

A city can never have too many beaches.
Montreal's Verdun Beach Possible New Location In 2017

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Verdun's new beach, planned for 2017, is now part of a location-debate between Projet Montreal and the borough of Verdun itself. Both groups believe they know the ideal location for the urban beach,  and both suggestions are quite viable.

Originally, the mayor of Verdun, Jean-François Parenteau announced the Verdun urban beach would be built atop the borough's old snow dump in front of the Douglas Mental Health Hospital (map), which would be a solid re-purposing of otherwise unused land.

Projet Montreal, on the other hand, believes the best place to build the beach would be behind the Verdun Auditorium (map), reports Journal Métro. Proximity to the metro and 500 existing parking spots make the location a prime spot, one that would require less construction and create easier access for those without a car.

Neither Projet Montreal nor the borough of Verdun will win out until a formal analysis on the functionality of both sites is performed.  Parenteau and Richard Bergeron, leader of Projet Montreal, both want the beach to be open by 2017, so hopefully differences will be put aside in order to get the beach built on time.

Which spot do you think is best?

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