Montreal's Verdun Motors In 1955

Montreal looked so much cooler back then.
Montreal's Verdun Motors In 1955

Montreal has a very distinct vibe and unique style.  At least in today's world, but in 1955 it looked completely different. The neon signs that lined the streets of downtown made it look like Vegas or at the very least Atlantic City.  One of the first things that hits everyone when looking at vintage photos of Montreal is how it looks so very ... American.

This picture is a perfect example. It was taken in 1955 at the Verdun Motor Corporation on Wellington Street. If I didn't know this was taken in Montreal I'd swear this was just some random American car dealership. I wonder how many of those cars are still cruising around today?

Montreal's Hidden 'Enchanted Alley' Is Back This Year & You Can Take Pics If You Find It

You can take your own photos or book a professional photoshoot!

There's a little bit of holiday magic in every nook and cranny of Montreal. Verdun's "Enchanted Alley" is back again this year off rue Wellington with a whole new setup.

While last year the alley took the form of a forest walk up to the charming façade of a log cabin, organizers opted for a cozy interior scene for the 2021 season. Visitors will now find a large (faux) fireplace complete with a Christmas tree and a big red chair.

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​A New Mr. Puffs Location Is Opening In Verdun Soon

There can never be too many Mr. Puffs!

Voted one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world by Time Out, Verdun is simply the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to new restaurants to feast at.

And soon, anyone living in this hip part of Montreal is going to have the chance to fulfill their sweet tooth with Mr. Puffs' tasty pastries at its new location.

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Montreal Is Getting Another Beach For Swimming In The River

The mayor said water testing proves the area is safe for swimming.

Montreal is getting another beach. On Sunday, Mayor Valérie Plante announced a commitment to open the shore of the Promenade-Bellerive, a riverside park in Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, to swimming.

On its website, the city says the park "is the only physical and visual access point to the Saint Lawrence River" in the borough.

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Montreal Is Going To Create 7 'Mini Forests' Around The City

The city selected seven projects that you voted for!

The City of Montreal has announced that it will be moving forward with investments on seven projects that were selected by Montrealers.

The investment will come from the city's first-ever participatory budget, which allowed citizens to choose their favourite projects.

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