Montreal's Very First Vape Bar Opens Today

Welcome to the VapoClub.

The VapoClub, Montreal's very first e-cigarette/vaping bar, officially opens its doors to the public today. Sitting right at 4148 St. Denis (by Rachel), VapoClub will be your one-stop shop to chill, smoke, and get acquainted with vaping culture.

Think of VapoClub as "the Apple store of the vaping world," as explained by CEO Jeff Tremblay, with the store offering the largest e-cig selection in Canada, top quality equipment+ e-liquids, and trained "vapologists" who will tell you everything you need to know about. VapoClub will be more of a store than a bar, so don't expect it to be open 'til 3am.

Vapologists will even take you through vaping "pairings" between flavours and e-cigs, a lot like a wine pairing. We had no clue vap-pairings was even a thing, so our interest is officially piqued. Unfortunately, it looks like no alcohol will be sold, so no real drink-vap pairings to enjoy.

A good thing to note is that VapoClub only sells e-liquids and products created in Canada, with no potentially dangerous imports sold. No sketchy mixing of liquids or messing with equipment.

More VapoClubs are in the works throughout the city and the nation, but get to Montreal's first vaping bar today, at least for bragging rights. Here's a peek inside to tide you over until you head over.

A grand opening party will be held tonight, with DJs, drinks, and (of course) vaping. See all the details on the FB event page.

Find out more by visiting VapoClub's website and FB page.

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