Victoria's Secret Mega Store On Saint-Catherine Street Is Opening Fall 2015

Photo cred - Carly Rose

We were sad when Chapters announced it was closing up shop last October to make way for a 35, 000+ square foot Victoria’s Secret flagship store on the corner of Stanley and St. Catherine. For many of us, it was our primary source for literary material and was a veritable landmark in the downtown core. But with more and more people buying their books online these days, Chapters could no longer compete.

Victoria Secret on the other hand, is a global retail powerhouse and wasted no time in nabbing the prime real estate for what is to be its second largest store in the entire world, after New York City, and if the new vixens posted outside the location are any indication, you'll be browsing dem bras as soon as this fall.

I'm all for sexy lingerie as much as the next guy, but the fact that books lost out to boobs is somewhat discouraging. On a lighter note, there's probably some jobs up for grabs.