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Montreal's Village Éphémère Will Be Hosting A Free Outdoor Circus Concert This Weekend

Soirée performances #6 will be an art-filled summer night.

Photo cred - Jean-Michael Seminaro photographe

Musical, artistic, and circus performances all come for free on Saturday, July 19th thanks to the 6th edition of Soirée performances. To be held at Village éphémère, you'll be able to enjoy the arts and a warm summer evening at the same time, just as the good Lord intended.

Beginning at 6pm and running 'til 11pm, Soirée performances #6 will be a mish-mash of artistic performances, ranging from dance and music to theater performances and art installations. Walk around the site and experience the many disciplines that make up Montreal's art culture.

Village éphémère is set up right along the St. Lawrence River, just by the Jaques Cartier Bridge (map), meaning there will be a great view, and if you have yet to go, Soirée performances #6 is a great reason. I mean, it's free music and art, what's not to love?

To get you pumped, check out the teaser trailer below. To get all the info and any updates, head to the FB event page.

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