Montreal's Viral Chainsaw Wielding Man Was Dismissed Of All Charges

The family he threatened was also to blame.
Montreal's Viral Chainsaw Wielding Man Was Dismissed Of All Charges

In April, a man named Manuel Delisle was charged with a road rage after threatening a Family with a chainsaw. He was recorded with a cell phone camera and the video showing part of incident went viral.

For those of you who don't remember, here's a little reminder of what happened on that fateful day.


Delisle was given an absolute discharge after he plead guilty to a charge of assault with a weapon according to CBC, even though everyone knows the only time a chainsaw can be considered a weapon is when it's used against zombies. If you're surprised as to why this 'chainsaw wielding maniac' was released, perhaps its because the video you see is conveniently cropped. What you don't see is the fact that the family was following Delisle for awhile because they were trying to get his license number after he supposedly cut them off.

Once they reached a dead end, Delilse had had enough and pulled out his chainsaw as any calm, collected individual would and started threatening the family. The judged therefore ruled that the family was also to blame and that since no one was injured, the accused would be discharged.

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