Montreal's Weather Forecast For August 2017 Looks Amazing

Bye bye rain, hello sunshine!
Montreal's Weather Forecast For August 2017 Looks Amazing

The weather in Montreal sucks and everyone know it. It's sunny all day while you're at work, then there's thunderstorm just as you start heading home. 

We beat all the rainfall records this year, and as sad as it may sound, Wednesday was the first and ONLY 30°C day of the summer. 

And didn't I mention it's going to rain all weekend during Osheaga?

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But it's not all bad, once we get through these next few storms, it looks like things are finally about to get back to normal. 

According to Environment Canada, the next month will be warmer and more importantly, drier than July. And it's supposed to stay that way all the way through September.

Just look at this weather forecast. 

We haven't seen that many rain-free days in a long time!

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