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Montreal Weather Is Going To Be Really Cold From Now On

Bust out the scarves, folks.
Montreal Weather Is Going To Be Really Cold From Now On

Summer is gone (but was it ever really here?) and the weather in Montreal pretty much proves it, even if you're a"the official end of summer is September 22nd" kind of person. 

While the next couple of days are going to be somewhat warm, temperatures are going to quickly drop off, leading us into a colder-than-average autumn season. 

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Ever since we entered the end of August, Montreal has been experienced cooler weather than is typical for the season. 

Generally speaking, the weather was about 3 or 4 degrees below average, says meteorologists from Environment Canada and MétéoMédia speaking to TVA

And looking ahead to the first half of September, we should see the same thing: weather that’s colder than normal. 

Yay, “sweater weather has come sooner than ever. I actually can’t tell if I’m being sarcastic at this point. 

Meteorologists blame a large cold air mass that came down from the Arctic and into the Montreal area for the recent downturn in temperatures. 

And again, thanks to the same cold air mass, autumn weather will arrive sooner than expected, and stick around. 

At least we have about another month until the first frost hits, which is typically due by mid-October. 

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