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Montreal's Weather Is Going To Be Amazing This Week

Yes, it's true!
Montreal's Weather Is Going To Be Amazing This Week

You gotta love the weather in Montreal, when it's not snowing, it's raining, when it's not sunny, it's gray, like, we can't even keep up! It's our favourite thing to talk about at MTL Blog, no joke. 

Double-digit temperatures are about to descend upon us this week, which is, quite frankly, about time. Starting tomorrow, it'll be 9-degrees in Montreal with temperatures looking up throughout the week. 

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TL;DR  The weather for the rest of the week in Montreal is looking amazing! Starting tomorrow and into next week, we'll be hit with double-digital temperatures. Amazing right? 

Via The Weather Network

Check it out! Saturday and Sunday, we'll get highs of 10 and 13 degrees with maybe just a little bit of rain. This great weather will continue into next week, with Monday and Tuesday projected to be 13-degrees as well. 

With the weather being so nice this weekend, there are many chances for you to go out and actually do something! When was the last time you went out without having to worry about wearing a million layers?

Things are definitely looking up for the prospect of springtime in Montreal. You finally won't look weird biking down de Maisonneuve (or even unicycling!) 

And yeah, we know we can't actually predict the weather.

In fact, no one can, so if it turns out that we're getting a snowstorm don't shoot the messenger!

Personally, my favourite part about spring is how fashionable people start to be. I mean, other than Autumn, there's no other season where you can seamlessly wear a peacoat and a pair of boots.

Spring also means the beginning of festival season and foodie season, people! With many events happening soon, stay tuned to MTL Blog for all the latest event news!

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I hope you're all looking forward to the amazing weather we're about to have, I know I definitely am. 

What's your favourite part about spring?


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