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Montreal's West Island Is Getting Its First-Ever Mandy's

This is always good news.
Montreal's West Island Is Getting Its First-Ever Mandy's

I'm a person who loves to cook for herself, and as a result, I have a very deep aversion to paying money for simple things that I can be easily made at home like salads, pastas, or breakfast foods.

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However, I do love and appreciate good for that's prepared fresh and with care. And no matter how hard I try to whip myself up a "gourmet" salad at home, for some reason, it NEVER tastes the same as at Mandy's.

Mandy's is a Montreal-based restaurant that has morphed into a full-fledged chain and is also an entrepreneurial success story, so I always feel good eating there because I know I'm supporting local.

That said, Mandy's has quickly expanded from their humble beginnings in Westmount and now have several locations across Montreal.

I just recently found out that Mandy's expanding out to the GMA AKA the suburbs, and just opened a new location in South Shore's mega mall Cartier Dix30 and they are set to open a new location in Marche De L'Ouest shortly!

This is all very exciting news for those Mandy's fans living or working in the West and South Shore.

If you're a fan of Mandy's I suggest you follow their beautiful Instagram page as well as their Facebook page to stay tuned to all their promotions, news, and info.

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