Montreal's West Island Opened A New Portuguese Chicken Restaurant And You Gotta Go ASAP!

I've said i before and I will say it again: there is so much more to Montreal than just the downtown and Plateau core.  

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Outside this bubble lies a whole new world of possibilities.  Cheap rent, great food, good people, all the things you love about Montreal, but even better. 

I'm making it a mission to highlight some of Montreal's great restaurant that is outside downtown, but totally worth the trip. Because by going there, not only will you enjoy a great meal, but also discover a new part of town.

That said, a new family-run Portuguese chicken spot came across our radar, and I wanted all those south-west island folks to be the first to know. It's called Viana Grillades Portugaises, and you gotta try it now!

Located in the heart of Lasalle, they've got a super cute yet casual vibe and decor, and all the typical dishes you would expect from a place that does Portuguese rotisserie-style food.  Chicken, lamb, fish, fresh salads, rice, and of course - pastel de nata. 

Here's a little photo expose for you to feast your eyes on.

@vianagrilladesembedded via  

This is the spot to visit if you're in the area and very hungry. Portions are generous and the price is nice! Half a chicken with all the sides is only $13.95. Nice.

For more info on Viana Grillades Portugaises check out their Facebook page HERE