Gah. Montreal's Winter Could See Rain, Ice Storms & Fluctuating Temperatures, A Forecast Suggests

The Weather Network is predicting some "messy" weather in parts of Quebec.

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Montreal's Winter Weather Could Get Pretty Disgusting This Year, According To A Forecast

Don't pack away your light coat, rain boots and umbrellas just yet. You might unfortunately still need them if The Weather Network's Quebec winter weather forecast holds up.

A national winter weather outlook released November 29 warns of "a stormy winter [...] broken up at times by extended periods of rather mild temperatures."

Those higher temperatures, the Weather Network says, could lead to "a prolonged thaw across southern areas, including Montreal and Gatineau." Yuck.

But don't worry. Northern parts of the province won't be spared from the annual snow dump, thanks to what the site suggests will be a particularly stormy season.

Further south, it could get ugly. Instead of cozy days watching picturesque snowstorms whir outside, people in southern parts of Quebec could be in for what the site calls a "messy mix of snow, ice, and rain."

Thankfully, all this may not happen until the new year. The Weather Network predicts "more consistent winter weather" through December, including the holidays.

Remarkably, the Network has released two scenarios for January and February.

Though it predicts milder weather to be "dominant," it forecasts a battle between cold air from the north and warm air from the south playing out from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes.

How this battle plays out "will likely be the key to how the winter is remembered" in central and eastern Canada, the site says.

So it looks like it's going to be a fun one this year...

Get ready to be wet and grumpy.

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