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Montreal's "Yappy Hour" Will Let You Grab A Drink With Your Dog This Summer

You can bring them to the bar!
Montreal's "Yappy Hour" Will Let You Grab A Drink With Your Dog This Summer

How sad does it make you when you leave your dog at home? They make that sad face and whine and you just have to think about the fact that they're all alone all day while you're out living your day.

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The weather is just about to get better so that means that it's going to be even more painful when you out somewhere and you're not allowed to bring your dog. For example, anytime you want to go out for drinks with your friends, you have to spend the entire time feeling guilty that your dog is all alone.

Well, that is all about to change! You no longer have to feel bad that you lost track of time with your friends at supper because this summer you're going to be able to bring your dogs with you to the bar.

That's right! You'll be able to enjoy happy hour alongside your furry friend. You'll both get some fresh air and you'll get tipsy. Sounds good to me.

When: Every Thursday from May 3, 2018, until September 13, 2018

What time: 4 PM to 9 PM

Where: Riverside St-Henri at 5020 Ambroise

Cost: $10 (includes admission and a cocktail)

On top of that, the awesome pet store Mondou will be providing snacks, games and a ton of other activities for your dogo.  And, two dog parks (one for small dogs and one for big dogs) will even be available so your dogs can run around without their leases and have a great time!

For the owners, there's going to be great music, food, and of course drinks. This bar looks super cool on top of being the hosts for this awesome dog-friendly event. It's right on the river and has super colorful benches to complete their fairy-light decor.

Here are some great pictures to get you excited for the summer:

@riversidemtlembedded via

Check out their Facebook event!


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