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Moose Bawr: Montreal's Only Canadian Pub Opens Tonight!

A new hip spot on St.Cats.
Moose Bawr: Montreal's Only Canadian Pub Opens Tonight!

Have you gotten tired of your usual suspects of watering holes? Are you looking for a new place to explore for great drinks? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’ve got to check out Moose Bawr on St.Catherine’s street.

When asked about the name, the owner said, “we realized there were English pubs and Irish pubs but no real Canadian pubs and  we sorta wanted to give it that little Canadian nod hence Moose, the Bawr is really a typo that once we looked at it and said yeah that's us.”

The vibe at Moose Bawr can only be described in one word - fun!  Moose Bawr is that place where you walk in you’ll hear Bob Jovi playing and see pints of Labatt 50 and sangria made by some great mixologists at the same table.

The drink specials vary depending on the day but their signature cocktails and caesars are definitely a must-try. The prices are fairly reasonable, take for example paying $6.75 for Grey Goose all the time. Now that says Moose Bawr is a guaranteed good time!

Moose Bawr is primarily a bar but they also serve food- on the menu you’ll find great eats like their original sausage sandwiches and different takes on classics like their kim chi poutine.

Open 7 days a week from 11am to 3am with a terrace right on 1817 St. Catherine West

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Will you be at tonight's grand opening?

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