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Moose Causes Major Traffic Jam On Canadian Highway (Video)

This is not how it should have ended.
Moose Causes Major Traffic Jam On Canadian Highway (Video)

Imagine getting into your car for your standard morning commute, only to hit a massive traffic jam and find out that it's caused by a moose that wandered onto the highway. It doesn't get much more Canadian than that!

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This is exactly what happened early this morning in Ottawa. An injured moose was first spotted in the eastbound lanes of Highway 417.  

Officers quickly arrived and cornered the moose with police cars so that it wouldn't be able to get away while police waited for animal services to arrive with a tranquilizer that would allow them to safely remove the moose.

The whole ordeal took about three hours to deal with, but the moose was eventually removed from the highway and commuters continued off to work.

We are LIVE at the scene on the 417 where the presence of a moose has been creating significant slowdowns.

The moose appears to have been wounded.

A warning that this video may be disturbing to some. #ottnews #otttraffic

July 19, 2018

This very unique and comical situation prompted many people sitting in traffic waiting to get on Twitter and make some very Canadian jokes and moose puns.

An anonymous individual even started a Twitter account called "highway Moose" on behalf of the animal so that you can get the moose's perspective on the event. It's pretty hilarious.

how about all those people going west bound on the 417....MOOSE BE NICE!

July 19, 2018

can someone grab me an iced cap while im waiting here? maybe grab a poutine too, lets make this as canadian as possible. someone text sidney crosby and get him over here

July 19, 2018

Unfortunately, the story has been updated and we now know that the moose has been euthanized. The moose was injured so this could be the reason that the decision was taken to put the moose down.

The Highway Moose Twitter account took this opportunity to release a tweet just a little under an hour ago to announce the mooses passing.

? - July 19, 2018

July 19, 2018


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