More Montreal Metro Stations Now Have Cellphone Service

Ride, watch, text, and talk.
More Montreal Metro Stations Now Have Cellphone Service

Slowly, but surely, more of Montreal's metro network is entering the digital age, becoming fully equipped with cellular service. Okay, so maybe getting a cellphone signal in a public place is like more "the age of 1998" but it's still pretty damn useful so don't get sassy.

Announced by the STM yesterday, two metro stations have been upgraded to let you talk and text while heading to wherever you need to be: Mont Royal and Beaudry Station.

With the two new additions, the STM metro network now has a full 15 stations equipped with cellular service.

You'll note how the Orange Line is working its way up from Square-Victoria-OACI and the Green Line is heading west from Atwater, giving you a smooth ride of cell signals...that is until you go past Mont-Royal or Beaudry.

It'll be a while until the rest of the Orange and Green Line get the cell network treatment, with the STM projecting a 5-7 year timeframe to complete the ongoing initiative.

But hey, if you really need to have uninterrupted cell service on a full metro trip, just take the Yellow Line, as every station boasts cell signals...well, all three stations, that is.

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