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Morgan Page Holds Montreal Close To His Heart And Is Excited To Crush New City Gas

This Saturday January 25th, Montreal will host American progressive house and electro DJ, Morgan Page. Page was twice nominated for Grammy nominations, as well as a personal nomination for best remix. Now, by popular demand, the world renowned DJ will be destroying the stage at New City Gas this Saturday night. Last week, we had the chance to speak with the sensation himself, and his insight was quite a treat!

Check out our interview with Morgan Page:

How’s Montreal treating you? What sticks out from this city compared to other cities

-- Montreal's always been close to my heart, since it's 2 hours away from my birthplace in Vermont. My favorite memory was seeing Daft Punk Montreal without helmets!

What’s an average week for you like?

-- Depends on the tour schedule but usually Mondays I do my radio show, Tues Wed is studio time, and Thurs-Sun is DJing and travel

Your very first show had 200 people! Do you remember what that night was like?

--You never forget the sound of your own music played really loud the first time!

Did you ever install solar panels on your roof? How’s the Model S treating you?

--Yes! The panels are up and powering my studio, house, and car. Loving the Model S - and Tesla has actually used my music for some of their announcements.

How were you so certain that you wanted to be a DJ when you were 12!?

-- You just feel it in your blood. The minute I touched a synth I knew I wanted to make music. DJing was always a fantasy I had in my head.

You must be very critical in the studio, how do you continue to raise your bar? And how to do acknowledge yourself when you are successful?

-- It's very difficult. I try to speed write and get two or three song ideas in one day, and throw most of them out later - so I don't have to be precious with anything.

Grammy nominated, progressive house DJ, Morgan, you made a name for yourself with tracks such as The Longest Road, Fight for You and In The Air, what’s your next big move for your career?

-- The 3D show this year was a huge leap. We had over 20 sold out shows, and put together an experience that topped everything I've done. It's just really expensive to do! Next up is another album and maybe someday I'll actually win the GRAMMY.

What artists do you have your eye to work with in 2014?

-- Carnage and Audien are doing big things. I really like their work.

You remixed over 110 songs Nadia Ali, Madonna, Katy Perry, The Police, just to name a few; before you recreate these songs, how do you transform the music in your mind?

-- With remixes I typically just strip everything out and work with the vocals.

You were the first DJ to emulate the 3D technology used on MJ This is It tour. What monster do you think you unleashed?

-- I think it's a whole new way to approach live shows. The hard part is that I don't want to do any non 3D shows, because the 3D reaction was so amazing!

You called it a mini festival in an imax, where did you get this idea to bring sonic landscapes to life!

-- I'm a big fan of movies and I wanted to incorporate that into the show experience while keeping the energy high.

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