Most Of Montreal's Orange Metro Line Will Soon Have "Wi-Fi"

Finally a bit of good news for anyone who rides the orange metro line. In the next couple of months you'll be able to access the STM's 3G, 4G and 4G LTE internet networks from any station between Sherbrooke and Cote-Vertu.

The president of the STM announced Monday that this project should be completed by the start of 2016 so there's only a couple of months left as long as everything goes according to plan. And why wouldn't it? Everyone knows things get done on time and under budget here in Montreal. Okay so I may be a bit skeptical, but still, at least we know we'll have a proper internet connection in the metro eventually.

What's annoying though is this slow station-to-station installation. The internet is only awesome as long as it doesn't disconnect, so what's the point of only having it between Sherbrooke and Square Victoria? 5 stations in the middle of the orange line. By the time you reach the network and manage to connect your phone, you'll already be at Berri-Uqam. So now you only have 3 stations worth of connection left before you disconnect again. Seems kinda crappy if you ask me.

And what about the $50,000,000 installation cost? Yes, I know installing internet in a metro system isn't like installing it in your apartment, but $50,000,000 is pretty excessive for only 19 stations. Take a look at this study that shows that it would cost about $50,000,000 USD ($65,000,000 CAD) to install Wi-Fi in the entire New York City subway system, that's over 1055 kilometers of track. Meanwhile, Montreal's entire subway system only has about 70 kilometers of track. Luckily we won't be the ones footing the bill though, the cost will be split between Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron.