Most Quebecers Can't Afford To Take A Vacation This Summer

Face it, you'd take more time off if you had the money.
Most Quebecers Can't Afford To Take A Vacation This Summer

Yesterday a Gazette article caught my attention. The article was about how Quebecers are apparently bad at taking vacations. The weird part was that they said that average time taken off was 2.3 weeks, which actually doesn't seem all that low. Then make the "alarming" statement that 1 in 10 people won't take a summer vacation at all. And again, 1 in 10 doesn't seem that bad. Plus they aren't saying 1 in 10 won't take a vacation at all, just that they won't be taking it during the summer time.

The people in the survey claimed that even when they do take time off, they don't completely disconnect form their work tasks, including reasons like they either don't trust others, or feel the pressure to keep working.

But if we take a look at the comments from people who read the article, a different picture emerges. Quebecers aren't bad at taking vacations, the truth is, they just don't have the money. I mean, what's the point of taking a vacation if you can't afford go anywhere? Sure, sitting on your ass watching Netflix might be nice for the first 2 days, but by the 3rd you start wishing you could afford to take a trip of some kind. Realistically, we'd all take more time off if only we could actually afford to do so...

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