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Move Over Snapchat And Instagram, This Is "Jelly"

The era of social browsing is here.
Move Over Snapchat And Instagram, This Is "Jelly"

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone has just unleashed the newest innovation in social networking: The social browser.

Jelly is essentially a visual search engine. Like a Google image search, you post a picture of what ever it is you want to know about. See a spider and know if you should let it keep on living in your shower or take it outdoors. Check out a video of how it works below.

The way the app works is you take a picture of something you want to know more about. That picture gets posted up on the app and is automatically shared with your friends and their friends (who have the app of course).

Once they see your photo and what you're asking about, they answer your question! Rather than Googling, or even relying on some of the internet's self-proclaimed experts (I'm looking at you Reddit), there's a good chance someone in your circle of contacts has some insight into your inquiry.

The good news is this could make getting  information to debate-ending questions even quicker. Especially when you don't quite know what it is your seeing in order to search it. The bad news is stalkers have a new face searching app.

Cute girls and bearded men beware, your struggles of attractiveness have entered an era of social browsing.

Do you think this new app will keep a spot among Google and it's kin? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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