Movember Is Here So Get Those "Staches" In Gear

How and why to get involved in Movember this year.
Movember Is Here So Get Those "Staches" In Gear

November, now better known as Movember, is upon us, so you know what that means guys and gals: time to get growing your Mo (short for mustache). A global charity focusing on raising funds and awareness of men's health, Movember is a month-long initiative that all men and women can join in on to aid programs in prostate and testicular cancer research.

Movember officially began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, and has since spread throughout the globe. Last year, over 1.1 million Movember participants raised $146.6 million worldwide. Lets beat that number this year people.

If you're a Dude

All men care about their balls, and thus should participate in Movember, at least to some degree. Step one is get all clean shaven today, November 1st, and register at the Movember Canada official website. From there, join or start a team, and do not shave! Wear your Mo proudly as you raise funds throughout the month. Think of your 'stache as a combination real-time advertisement and manly facial hair; raise funds while looking good fellas.

If you're a Lady

Women care about men's health too, and the fairer sex can get just as involved in Movember. Okay, so gals (hopefully) can't grow their own Mo, but they can still register, join or start a team, and raise funds for the initiative.

From there, teams of guys and gals need only wear there Mo's proudly and encourage friends and family to support and donate. Have fun while doing it, and create your very own Movember event to get moneys while getting drunk, which you can officially register.

If you're a student (of either gender)

Students should look to their campus-Movember organizations for more info on teams, rules, ways to raise funds, and, of course, awesome events.

Movember Concordia and Movember McGill will both be at the 4th annual Mo Shave Off tonight at the Burgundy Lion, hosted by Movember Montreal.  Be sure to predrink at the Movember Charity Blues Pub first!

To end the month off in style, Movember Canada hosts Official Movember Galas in all major Canadian cities. Montreal's will be on November 29th at the Rialto. Food, beverages, DJs and prizes will be on the scene, so save the date to get guilt-free wasted while helping out a good cause. Check out the FB event for more details.

So get goin' Generation Mo. Shave today, let it grow out all month long, and raise dat cash flow Mo Sistahs and Bros!

Some Mo inspiration to get you going:

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